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If you are not aged over 18 than please leave these pages.

Read carefuly all instructions at our pages, also about taxi drivers, dont let them to rip you off.


AAA Exclusive Club
Adresse: Šrobárova str., No 6, Praha 10-Flora
Metro Flora, 300 meter

!!! From 1st December 2010 we will be at new address!!!
(Šrobárova street No 6, Praha 10-Vinohrady (Undeground/Metro Flóra)

Telefon: +420 775 077 775 , (+420 257 326 958)


SONNTAG: 19 - 04 H.

We are open until 0400 (or 0500) or until all customers are finished. 
Dear gentlemen, for reservations or bookings please use our phone numbers everyday after 19.00. Email is used for general info of course also for info about bookings,but should not be used for direct bookings. Thanks for understanding.

The best public transportation: the subway station "ANDEL", tram number 4, 7, 9, 10, towards "REPY"; 2nd stop "U ZVONU", both the side street and the club are directly visible to your right hand from the stop itself. 

Taxi warning: If any indecent taxi drivers tries to persuade you, that our club is closed, that we have no girls, ugly girls, full house or such, do not be deceived. It is never so - the drive only tries to take you to anothe club, where he or she gets a bigger share which, in turn, you pay on an entrance fee or higher prices.Therefore you can only say to taxi driver the adress : Šrobárova str., No 6, Praha 10-Flora

OR CALL US AND WE SHALL TAKE YOU TO OUR PLACE FOR A SYMBOLIC FEE, WHICH SHALL BE REDUCED FROM YOUR BILL AFTERWARDS! (this service pays only for the way TO THE club, way back is charged by 29,-Czk/km). 
Or you can only say to your taxi driver the adress : PLZENSKA 88, our club is right in the rigt side street called Mahenova











Our very small entrance fee 200,- Czk (11€) includes: small erotic show, free drink,amazing, friendly and nice ambient and company and also free transport to our club! with one of our limousines

(Until 15km distance. If there is not taken room, we charge 150-200,-Czk {8-11€}only.
(This offer pays ONLY for the way TO GET to the club (one way)! Way back with our car is already charged (not expensive), even you have not used pick up service.)



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