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Privát Praha, Private Prague - Nikol
Privát Praha, Private Prague - Ashley
Privát Praha, Private Prague - Amy
Privát Praha, Private Prague - Viki
Privát Praha, Private Prague - Melisa
Privát Praha, Private Prague - Sandra
Privát Praha, Private Prague - Lucie
Privát Praha, Private Prague - Hellen


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If you are not aged over 18 than please leave these pages.

Read carefuly all instructions at our pages, also about taxi drivers, dont let them to rip you off.



Private Exclusive Praha


SO EXCLUSIVE AND SO CHEEP! (if you use our action services)
Forget not serious and expensive clubs in the centre that only rip you off, find your way to the quality and to the



1) All customers beware!!

If any taxi driver says that our PRIVATE club is closed or without girls or other similar nonsense - do not believe him please!!!

He wants to take you to another club, where he gets big commission, but this commission you will pay in expensive service or bigger entrance fee than they normally charge. (in our case is entrance fee just 200,-Czk in some other cases from 1000,- to 2000,- Czk just to rip you off, nothing included)

Try to visit Prague night club AAA Exclusive Club. Night club is for you with a fully stocked bar, need to refresh certainly have not.
Best way:Call us to pick you up in Prague for free (one way) if you use our services... or you can tell to your taxi driver only the address Šrobárova 6
2) for taken hour or more at the room with swimming pool you get bottle of Bohemia sect as present from us!!

Why should you come to AAA Club? Besides the fact that our girls are some of the sexiest girls in Prague, we also offer an elegant setting, including one fantasy room that has its own heated/filtered swimming pool! And this for some of the lowest prices in Prague.

















Our very small entrance fee 200,- Czk (11€) includes: small erotic show, free drink,amazing, friendly and nice ambient and company and also free transport to our club! with one of our limousines

(Until 15km distance. If there is not taken room, we charge 150-200,-Czk {8-11€}only.
(This offer pays ONLY for the way TO GET to the club (one way)! Way back with our car is already charged (not expensive), even you have not used pick up service.)



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